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About Gypsy Wings

music knows no separation

Gypsy Wings was founded during the corona time in Germany. The whole live music scene stood still, bars closed and concerts were cancelled due to safety measures. Nevertheless it didn’t discourage the young new formed duo to share their music through social media (facebook, youtube) and gain an virtual audience. The Beginning of Gypsy Wings musical journey manifested their maxim that music knows no separation. Through music we can stay connected and overcome challenging times.


The musical symbioses of two women, expressing their devotion and passion of life through elements of cultural folk, fado, bossa-nova, blues, chasons, jazz, opera and original music makes Gypsy Wings an unique experience. Gypsy Wings goal is to connect and communicate within music, embracing the beauty of different cultures, spreading love and inspiration through a tapestry of magnificent sound. Let your soul burst out in the true bless of emotions, while listening to Gypsy Wings music interpretations and original compositions.  

Currently Gypsy Wings is working on their first record production that is going to be released this winter 2021.


Since their music speaks several languages within their folk repertoire and original tunes, the website uses the English language as a way to communicate barrier-free between different countries.


Alice Chinaglia


Singer, Vocal Coach, Italian Coach.


Languages: Italian (mothertongue), German and English (fluent), French, Spanish, Portuguese good and Russian beginner.

2012 Begin Studium Master Opera at Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart, Singing with Prof. Ulrike Sonntag June 2015: Final exam best grades (Zerbinetta)

2006 Begin Bachelor of Voice in Conservatorio Francesco Venezze in Rovigo by Prof. Maria Gabriella Munari and privatly by W.Matteuzzi. (Octobre 2011 Final exam best grades)

2008 Master and concert “Liberare la voce naturale” Marzenna Wojak; “Voce parola musica” Dott. Roberto Bovo and Dott.ssa Abenate.

2010 Theaterseminar ” L’opera di Mozart”, Jutta Gleue;

2011 Seminar contemporary music by Daniele Venturi (Porretta terme).

2012 Seminar of opera with Mara Zampieri; Television´s seminar as pop singer : Newfaces Agency;

2013-2014 Seminar of opera by Malcom Walker and Margreet Honig .

2020 Master opera at Payerbach by Vera Schönenberg.

Performed Arias:  erste Dame and cover Köngin der Nacht in Theatre Rovigo, Padova and Bassano. In June 2016 at Junge Oper Stuttgart Taube and Königin in „ Alice im Wunderland“ by Johannes Harneit.

In February 2015 at Wilhelma Theater Stuttgart Angelica of „Orlando Paladino“ by Haydn; July 2014 at Wilhelma Theater Stuttgart Mozart Collage „Expedition Mozart“ Arias and Scene of Aspasia. In February 2014 2. Zofe in Zemlinskys „Der Zwerg“.

Conservatorio Francesco Venezze and Teatro Sociale Rovigo 2012 Jenny delle Spelonche (“L'opera da tre soldi” K.Weill) Zerlina (“Don Giovanni” W. A. Mozart), 2011 Susanna (“Le nozze di Figaro” W.A.Mozart), Nena (Lo frate ‘nnammurato- G.B.Pergolesi) Stefano Masi, 2010 Papagena, Königin der Nacht (“Die Zauberflöte” W.A.Mozart) in ital. Savitri (“La conchiglia di Visnù” M° Maurizio Deoriti, Versuchsoper) Suor Genovieffa ( “Suor Angelica” G.Puccini) .

2013-2019: Member of Choir Venezze Consort Rovigo (Choirexperience in theaters of: Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Darmstadt, Bayreuth, Innsbruck, Leipzig) .

2009/2010 won the competition as best student at Conservatorio Rovigo. 2014 Semifinal Belvedere Competition in Düsseldorf , 2020 Semifinal International V. Noreika Competition.

---2010 Dottore in economia delle imprese e degli intermediari finanziari /Economy Bachelor


Pia Fochmann

Guitar & Songwriting

Pia Fochmann is a young musician from Germany. She began playing music in public as an instrumental solo artist accompanying herself with a loop station. In the early years she got involved in the reading scene in Dessau. She started out elaborating poetry readings in libraries, musically empathizing on the literature portrayed. Beside enjoying the bliss of accompanying  readings, she also joined different bandprojects, mostly playing in the genre of blues and psychedelic rock.

Meanwhile she is also playing with Jumping Jack, a partycoverband from Leipzig, expressing her wild side with rockin’ guitar riffs and solos since 2018. In 2020 she met the great singer Alice Chinaglia and founded the duo Gypsy Wings. Gypsy Wings as a versatile cultural music project forms the perfect balance between Pias musical roots of bluesrock, that she loves to act out in projects such as Jumping Jack and her empathetic, sensitive musical ability that sympathizes with the duos song repertoire. Pia is also performing her own lyrics and instrumental arrangements with Gypsy Wings, that merge into a musical symbiosis of powerful vocals and singing guitar strings.

2014-2016 Accompanying Readings Literatur Kreis “Wilhelm Müller” Dessau, “poetica in tempore”

2014 – 2018 Freispruch, Coconut Champagne

2014 – now  guest musician, accompanying readings  

2018 – now Jumping Jack